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White Spot

White Spot

Surely you’ve seen those cellular service coverage maps showing where Verizon, Cellcom, etc. do and don’t have coverage. And, those areas that don’t have coverage, where the outside world can’t intrude, are the “white spots” on the map.  There are times I so wish to be in a “white spot” . . . .

In my “white spot”, I can touch the intentional breath of Mother Nature as She whispers cooling peace over me.  She must know that it was needed as I settle in to the rocking chair on the veranda overlooking the footprint-laden beach, which just this morning had been as smooth as a baby’s bottom from the previous evening’s tide.

Our kids and grandbabies have come for a visit, and the beach is their playground.  Over to the left is, of course, a volleyball net from where yells of victory and agony of defeat can be heard throughout this old plantation house.  The younger ones aren’t far away building sandcastles, running in full-out sprints, giggling all the way to the lake’s edge to swoop up water in their buckets for the sandcastles’ moats.

Off to the right is the fire pit.  Seeing it reminds me that a run to the grocery store is in order as s’mores are on the menu for dessert.  Oh, the stories that get told and retold (and embellished!!) around that campfire.  I know the younger ones, who will be in their PJs snuggled under blankets, will be taking in (unbeknownst to them) ancestral history.

With the passing of thousands of beach smoothings by the tides, memories are created and passed down for all of eternity.

What does your “white spot” look like?

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