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Three Days . . . Does it Matter?

Three Days . . . Does it Matter?

It’s Easter Sunday morning and Mom has we three girls (my sisters and me) dressed to the nines in pastel colors and our Easter bonnets. As a tried and true tomboy, this was not my favorite of times.  It’s not like I was left with much of a choice (let’s just say no choice) about the attire for the day.  So, off to church it was in the family station wagon with seats in the way back with no seat belts!  We were picture perfect.

As we sat in our church pew and listened to the oh so familiar story, I must have come to an age when I understood math because the oh so familiar story just didn’t add up . . . . literally.  As memory serves me, this was one of my first “the Emperor is naked” moments. Some may consider questioning and exposing (no pun intended) to be a gift, and it is, but it definitely can cause people to be uncomfortable (to say the least) and for me to be viewed as a pain in the ass.

Here’s what didn’t add up: Good Friday to Easter Sunday is not three days and nights.  Now I knew I was kind of new at this math thing, but no matter how I figured it, the math simply didn’t match the story we were being told.  I recall thinking, “I’m just a kid, and the adults all tell this same story that we hear from the pulpit on Easter Sunday.  What am I missing?  Am I the only one that sees this?  Why would the adults lie?  Does it really matter that the math is off since the point of the story is about the resurrection?”

As an adult my “gift” is alive and well; therefore, I can’t help but wonder. . . what other “changes” (a.k.a. “lies”) are we being told, and accept as truth, only because that’s the way it’s always been told?  Does knowing the true historical account really matter if the underlying intended message is still intact? We all have to decide for ourselves if it matters that someone/a group of people, somewhere, changed the true historical story to fit an agenda (I can only assume) which has then been handed down for centuries as the true word of God.

For me, what does matter is the truth/Truth, because I want my relationship with God to be founded on truth/Truth. So, I’m on a never-ending search for it . .  . even if it makes people upset and me a pain in the ass misfit!

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  1. Stan

    20th Apr 2019 - 4:21 pm

    Good post! We who care about truth are few, I fear. Without it though, what really matters? How do we make decisions? Really, what consequence do those decisions have? Can we even make laws governing behavior, if my truth doesn’t match yours? I know we aren’t the first or last to wrestle with this, but it’s worth the pursuit. Keep seeking!

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