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The Redneck and the Hippie

The Redneck and the Hippie

Listening to Country Music

What do an old, married redneck and hippie couple do on a bitterly cold Friday night in the dead of a Midwest winter?

One is exceedingly engrossed in exploring blog development and/or how to use SnapChat while snuggled up under a plush blanket with a warm cup of tea within arm’s reach.  That is, until her trance is broken by the Deliverance-sounding music coming from the other room.

Although somewhat technically challenged, the redneck is able to do a YouTube search to find some good ol’ country (when country wasn’t cool!) music.  You know, the songs with quick-fingered, banjo-plucking, god-awful English, and where the announcer says, “Folks, this here song is a good’n.”

So, the hippie puts down her tea, reluctantly throws off the oh-so cozy blanket, and sheepishly peeks into the next room so her eyes can believe her ears.  Upon seeing the hippie, the redneck asks if they have speakers to connect to the laptop.  What’s a hippie to do?!

Of course, the obvious is next, right? She picks up her iPhone and sends a SnapChat video to everyone and their cousins (even if the cousins are married to each other!).

Real love is the best!


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  1. Valerie Thoms

    4th Mar 2017 - 10:21 pm

    That snap was so funny! Foot just tapping away.

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