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Practice Acceptance . . . or Not

Practice Acceptance . . . or Not

My Shine app’s meditation today was Practice Acceptance.  Alicia (the guided meditation speaker) had a soft, sweet, gentle, British accent voice.  Not being big on meditation, I rolled my eyes as she explained how I would be less stressed by practicing acceptance, and the world would be a better place if we all did so.  She’s probably right. So, as I sit here in the airport people-watching, I am giving this acceptance approach a try.  You decide how well I did!

  • What is up with all these menus having “flatbreads”?  It’s a damn pizza!  By calling it a flatbread, the airport restaurants (which are already obnoxiously overpriced), get to charge a premium for a 6” pepperoni PIZZA!
  • Are you kidding . .. .. stilettos?!  Get over yourself and wear sneakers, flats, or Keens. You’re gonna put on a good mile of walking.  So not impressed.  If it’s all about whom you are going to meet up with once you are at your destination, put your heels in your luggage or carry-on, and change before you see whatever bozo gives a shit more about your looks than you being safe and comfortable.  Then again, you just may be too into yourself to care about being safe and comfortable.
  • Tattoo and gauge man with stretched out earlobes…..  My heart is melting watching you gently console your adorable toddler. Blessings to you.
  • Man at table next to me with earbuds in . . . . hey dumbshit, stop making the waitress repeat herself.  Sorry Alicia, there are just some things I cannot accept, one being service people being treated with disrespect!
  • Lady in bathroom talking on your cellphone while peeing and talking about being befuddled over what you are going to do for your 90-minute layover……..  seriously?!!!  I have no words. Actually, I have lots of words but will refrain.
  • Grandma traveling alone with two toddlers . . . you are my heroine!
  • Pilot sitting alone at a table by the window watching the planes maneuver around….   Is that a Mimosa or orange juice?
  • Woman sitting in gate waiting area with dark sunglasses on while tears stream down your face . . . . did your mom or dad just pass away?  Are you leaving behind someone near and dear to you?  I am sending you hugs.  Know you are loved. Know you are not alone.

If I were to rate myself based on Alicia’s standards, I failed.  That being said, I have no remorse.  Maybe someday I’ll be more evolved, but for now, this is the best I can do. That I accept!

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  1. Tracey Forsman

    12th Apr 2019 - 7:30 am

    <3 your style 😀

  2. Bill Ebert

    12th Apr 2019 - 4:06 pm

    so glad for your stories, you are so, you. LOVE IT

  3. Kim

    13th Apr 2019 - 7:49 am

    Thanks for making me smile Joanna! So ❤️ you!

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