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Favorite Possession

Favorite Possession

Assignment:  Describe a favorite item you possess

I can’t help but wonder if I possess this “item” or if “it” possesses me.  Maybe it’s both.  I’ll describe “it” to you.

Some of you may be of an age to remember the wooden toy blocks with an assortment of body parts painted/printed on them.  On each side of one block would be six different types of heads . . . a clown, a bald man, a girl with pigtails, and so on.  That block would then be stacked on top of two other blocks.  The middle block had six distinctive body/torso styles, and the bottom block would have six unique leg looks.  The fun was in creating a complete body that looked as silly as possible when combining the three blocks.

Well, silly is, without a doubt, what she looks like . . . little head (in comparison to the rest of her), a long body, and a big butt!

When I touch her, such relaxation swoons over me.  Her energetic and physical softness radiate warmth, compassion, and unconditional love.  Yet, contrary to that, as she sleeps, she “radiates” a snore that puts any old man (and surely some women!) to shame.  Poor baby, she can’t help it.  Her lower jaw has been malformed since birth.

I often wish I could experience life as she does . . . . . not a worry in the world, unbridled curiosity about anything new, and a grateful heart that only knows how to give.

And “they” say that we are the more evolved species.  I beg to differ!

Click here to see my favorite “possession” . . . . .    Now, the assignment is yours to share with me.  What is your favorite possession?

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  1. Cyndi

    25th Mar 2017 - 7:17 am

    My kids, I know they are not a “possession” per say, but they are MINE. I made them, I grew them, They are a part of me (whether they like it or not), and I LOVE them no matter what, always and forever, to the moon and back. They are MINE!!!!

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